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New Route Information

Please find below any new alpine climbs in the Canadian Rockies since the release of the latest guidebooks. I've divided them in the same geographical areas as the books.` Most of these are sourced from either the Canadian Alpine Journal, online and print media or personal communication. Despite not finishing at proper summits, routes that blur the line between alpine climbing and ice & mixed climbing will be listed as alpine climbs. Routes of this sort include Zeitgeist on Mt. Bell, Mt. MOG or Eye of the Storm on Mt. Storm. 

Any routes that would classify as multipitch rock/ice/mixed lines will be listed in the "Other" folder.

External Resources

Banff Rock by Chris Perry - Updates to the latest Banff rock climbing guidebook

Bow Valley Rock by Chris Perry - 2000 guidebook with some route updates

TABVAR - Bow Valley bolting fund & new rock climbing updates

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